My Platform

A Fresh Perspective

The Springville city council needs the fresh perspective that I can provide. Springville is a great place to live and I want to help it continue to be a great place to live. I believe that we need to keep our city government as small as possible while providing the basic services a city should provide. Below are some of the areas that I will work on once I am a city council member:


The advantages of being a place that business can grow and a place where businesses want to start and relocate to are many. Some main advantages for residents are there are more options for employment, shopping, eating, recreation, and services that we need or enjoy. Another benefit is that business brings tax revenues to the city. This makes it possible for the city government to provide services to the residents while maintaining low property taxes. Springville can do better in helping out its current businesses and attracting new businesses. High utility rates are the first area we need to address. We need to be competitive with our neighbors or else there is an incentive for businesses to locate elsewhere. 


There needs to be better communication between Springville City and the residents. Springville does a good job at holding meetings and events, but there could be improvement in how the information gets out to people. I will help Springville improve this communication by enhancing our web presence and utilizing social media. 


Fiscal Responsibility

Having studied Finances in college I really learned that debt can cripple a person individually as well as a business or community. We see a lot of problems in cities around the US and so far Springville has done a good job at being fiscally responsible for the most part. Unfortunately they have had to up utility bills (mostly for businesses) and charge more for services they provide to remain responsible and still be able to provide services for a price that won't hurt residents and businesses. I think the residents spoke loud and clear when they voted down the rec center. I know many who really want it, but decided it was more important to not minimize their tax burdens. As a Springville City Councilmember I will do everything in my power to keep Springville Fiscally responsible while not passing the burden onto its residents.